A little mouse from Scottish Ballet’s Nutcracker


Constance Devernay from Scottish Ballet


October 8th – 2018
It was sad (and angry) seeing Glasgow Art School half demolished and covered in scaffolding after the second destructive fire in June. This time I felt more upset about how the effects of this has rippled out to the community around the GSA particularly the businesses in Sauchiehall Street and residents in Garnethill.


Black Pine Coffee

Black Pine Coffee
518 Great Western Rd
Glasgow G12 8EL


Life Drawing

Notes from Linn House

Remember those botanical drawings I did awhile back? It was a nice surprise to get the finished book in the post, it was one of those dream jobs I did for the Touch Agency to illustrate a feature by Andy Sylvester about the flora and fauna found by the river Spey.

The full book is a collection of articles, photos and illustrations about the heart of Speyside and whisky for the Chivas Brothers – notes from Linn House.

Editorial portraits

Peter Hoskin

Pamela Hutchinson

Alex Evans

Jonathan Becker

Marina Kim

Nichi Hodgson

Olive Pometsey

A selection of editorial portraits for Drugstore Culture

Ballet dress

Experimenting with bold colour, dress rehearsals for Cinderella