Watercolour studies


Some more flower studies, loving the change of seasons. From drawing dying leaves it makes a beautiful change to draw the new spring blooms like snow drops and daffodils.

Its one of those moments that I’ve appreciated much more by drawing through the seasons.



I spent a bit of time last week freelancing at the design agency, Equator.

New Travel Kit

New Travel Kit

I needed to do a new version of my day to day travel kit as I’ve made a few changes to it. I’ve got used to the Blockx colours now but I doubt I’ll buy any more of them as it will be easier to fill the pans with Winsor & Newton colours.

The biggest recent change is trying the new Stillman & Birn sketchbooks. I felt they didn’t really suit fine liners as much as moleskines. Instead they’re much more suited to ink so I’ve started using fountain pens and brush pens which have changed the way I draw. I’m still not quite found my feet yet as its taking a bit of time to getting used to a more varied and expressive line but I’m liking it so far.

Its could be heinous to include my phone but its pretty vital in the process of taking photos and uploading any drawings on site. I’ve been uploading most of my drawings to my instagram.com/wilfreeborn



Drawing my uncle reading the weekend papers

Anstruther Fish Bar

Anstruther Fish Bar

On a visit to the famous fish and chip shop in Anstruther with my dad and sister.

The Singl End

The Singlend

A trip to the restaurant Singl End yesterday with its nice open spaces and interesting decor.

Tinderbox – Princes sq

Tinderbox - Princes sq





A couple of drawings from last week, its getting a little bit brighter in the mornings enough to see the morning sun on the train into Glasgow.

The other is a drawing from Tinderbox, in Princes Square. I was drawing the people eating at Fifi & Ally when a group just sat in front of me giving me a great character to draw.

Greenock Cut

Greenock Cut, a walk that takes you around the moorland behind and above Greenock and Gourock. It gets pretty busy over the festive season while people take the chance for a good long walk to clear the cobwebs away.

This year the weather has been really mild making it okay to draw outside still.