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Balgonie Castle

A moonlight view of Balgonie Castle at it appeared in the TV series, Outlander.

Forth Bridges

I recent commission to do an illustration of the Forth Bridges a combination of the original Forth Rail bridge, the Forth Road bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing bridge. It was quite a difficult project the painting had to be really long to fit all the bridges, it ended up being 75cm across. I simplified the bridges so they became more like silhouettes to become more identifiable from a distance so to add interest I put more attention to the skies and the distant shorelines.

Balmaha from Conic Hill

A recent commission from Conic Hill that overlooks the village Balmaha and Loch Lomond.

Wiener dog

Portrait selection

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New book

I’ve been working on a book “Learn to Paint in Watercolour with 50 Small Paintings” it’s published by Search Press and will be available from February 1st, 2017. (Currently available for preorder)

“Learn to Paint in Watercolour with 50 Small Paintings”

Book preview

A quick flip through of my new book…

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Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast

Glowy light watercolour of Glasgow café, Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast,
15-17 Gibson St,
Glasgow G12 8NU