New year, new paints

New Palette

New colour samples

New year, new painting set, new palette! I’ve been meaning to swap this over for ages but couldn’t quite let go of my old set.

I’ve listed my new palette below, a lot of fun colours I like using not necessarily a core palette by any means.

You can pick up empty tins really cheaply from most art stores or online shops. I just remove the pan holder and glue the loose pans directly onto the tin.

W&N – Paynes Grey
DS – Lunar Black
W&N – Davy’s Grey

DS – Cobalt Violet
W&N – French Ultramarine Blue
W&N – Indigo
DS – Pyrrel Orange
W&N – Burnt Sienna
W&N – Burnt Umber

W&N – Sap Green
DS – Undersea Green
W&N – Perylene Green

B – Cerulean grey
W&N – Cobalt Blue
W&N – Turquoise Light

W&N – Cadmium Red
W&N – Alizarin Crimson
W&N – Quinacridone Magenta

W&N – Cadmium Lemon
W&N – Cadmium Yellow
W&N – Yellow Ochre

W&N – Winsor & Newton
DS – Daniel Smith
B – Blockx