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Holy Island

I was a tiny bit late crossing the causeway as the tide started to come in. If you plan on going its a really good idea to check the tide times. Exhilarating though! There is a small hut on stilts at the middle so if you’re stuck there is a chance to get rescued. The […]

Kilcreggan – Helensburgh daytrip

Taking the ferry over to Kilcreggan then cycling round the bay to Helensburgh. A short stop half way around the bay, its good drawing the people fishing by this mini beacon type building apparently its pretty good for sea trout and mackerel. After arriving in Helensburgh had some lunch at Riverhill Courtyard which I’ve been […]

Mini original drawings/paintings

For most of the initial book orders I made a small original artwork to go with each one. Each drawing/painting was about 14 x 9cm. (mini moleskine pages) You can still get my book at my Etsy store It was a good fun experiment and in some way a small thank you for the support […]

Gordon Street in the rain

A quick view from today

Tablet or biscuit?

A dreary day in Gourock, so it a bit of a gray drawing from the Café overlooking the Clyde.

Café Continental

A simple drawing from the weekend.

All that is Solid

I did this a wee while ago, ended up quite liking the small study on the right.

Wellington Statue with traffic cone head

For some reason I’ve been slightly avoiding drawing this statue even though its such a Glasgow icon but I caved in yesterday and sat down and drew it after visiting the modern art gallery. I once saw someone climb up to the statue to put a cone up there, its really high.


I spent some time indexing my old sketchbooks, this is only the last couple of years.

A view of Kelvingrove from the Uni