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Shell House, Anstruther

A strange house in Anstruther known as the shell house. Reading up about it a bit later it was decorated by a slater and plasterer called Alex Batchelor in the 1840s. It is said he decorated his own coffin with shells and got people to pay to see it, while he was still alive.

Swans, and their cygnets

Good news the eggs finally hatched, there was alot of texting and folks were coming around to see them.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Loved the Jardin du Luxembourg, it was still pretty chilly in the air, but the park was still really busy with people just milling about, promenading I guess. You’d get a light white dust that coats your shoes as make your way through the park to check out the small sailing boats with the Eiffel […]

Artisan Roast in Edinburgh

From a visit to Edinburgh’s Artisan Roast, it was good fun seeing the original shop from visiting the Glasgow branch. I was initially drawing quietly in a corner before I was found out, happily everyone was cool about it and showed my moleskine book around, friendly folk. I’ve been slightly changing my approach to drawing […]

Indian running ducks

A study for a painting, I came across these handsome ducks in a farm on the Isle of Bute.

Spring, Nikki de Saint Phalle

Took a bit of time yesterday at the Glasgow gallery of modern art to see a show by Nikki de Saint Phalle. It reminded me of the 90s when I first came up to Glasgow just when the art world turned more to concept art work and sculptures like these although really popular fell out […]

An Illustrated Journey

I was really pleased to get this book in the post last week as well as being an honour to be part of it. Its strange how things come around, back in 2006 Danny’s book “The Creative License” and Dan Price’s “How to Make a Journal of Your Life” were the two books that inspired […]


A visit to the friendly coffee shop Papercup on Glasgow’s Great Western Road. I was slightly expecting a cool trendy vibe but the folk there were really welcoming and put up with me drawing and taking pics. There is a real care taken to making their coffee I haven’t seen in many places and from […]


I was over at Glasgow’s west end Delizique last week. I’ve been meaning to pop in but its always been super busy at the weekends. So, when I eventually got there on Thursday it was almost too quiet as its good to draw in a few customers. The interior is really interesting with a centre […]

An easy going Sunday afternoon

Working out what to see at this year Glasgow Film Festival, the vibrant cover by Lesley Barnes .