Brew Lab

Brew Lab - Edinburgh

One of my favourite places in Edinburgh for lunch and coffee.

Brew Lab
6-8 South College Street

St Brides


I visited St Brides, East Kilbride earlier in July this year. I had planned to do some drawings or paintings of it but have never got round to it but thought i’d upload some of the photos I took in the meantime. It was just a off the cuff visit but John who helps look after the place kindly showed me around. Designed by Gillespie, Kidd & Coia there are lots of nice details that I may not have noticed till they were shown out to me. On this side of the building there is a vertical pattern that’s a reflection of the line of trees on the other side. If you go round to the back of the building there is a horizontal design that is meant to be clouds.

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Life drawing/painting

Life drawing/painting

From that day it was warm enough to take the life drawing group outside in the roof, what a day!

Outdoor Café, Campsite

Outdoor Café

While I was visiting the Highlands I made a point of checking out this outside café, campsite. The pigs and chickens were cool, but wasn’t a fan of the experience.

Velocity Café and bicycle workshop

Velocity Café and bicycle workshop

It was cool to visit Velocity up in the Highlands in Inverness. It has a great community spirit that has a bike workshop as well as serving great food (I think veggie) and coffee.

Velocity Cafe & Bicycle Workshop
1 Crown Avenue

Life drawing at Sloans, ATYN

Life drawing at Sloans, ATYN

Life drawing at Sloans, ATYN

A couple of weeks ago I went to ATYN new life drawing at their new/old fancy venue, Sloans (know as Glasgow’s oldest bar/restaurant)

Life Drawing by ATYN
Monday 8-10pm

Bakery 47

Bakery 47

Bakery 47 are a bakery based in the south side of Glasgow on Victoria Road run by husband and wife team Sam and Anna. A few weeks ago I had breakfast there and it was a simple grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of mint tea. The grilled cheese was really well presented on a simple metal tray with a few slices of watermelon and weirdly a chunk of iceberg lettuce in the side. I think it was the simple choice of select ingredients that work together that somehow is important to Bakery 47. The choice of a great Dunlop cheese worked really well with the sour dough loaf and a simple bite of the lettuce was almost like biting into a green apple (it kinda works) then balanced with the watermelon for a hit of freshness.

If you look around you can see similar approach to the interior. From the light shades to the table decorations you can see objects unafraid to show the qualities they are made of. Wether its a lamp shade made from folded paper, to the stones threaded over light fittings or the wooden blocks on the tables there is an elemental sense. I get the feeling this approach runs through their baking with a love of good ingredients and letting them shine through a careful considered simplicity.

Bakery 47 interior



Stenciled Loaf

They also ask artists to make stencils for their bread, I was asked if I wanted to join in. The way the loaves are displayed remind me of film so I thought you could make a simple animation with the stencils. So, thanks Sam for putting up with me supplying 9 stencils to create a simple animated loop of a hare running!


76 Victoria Road
G42 7AA



Last week I headed over to Pittenweem to do some drawing before the art Festival which is running this week.


Like so much of this summer the weather would suddenly change from bright sun to rain in a blink. I took a bit of time to shelter from the rain in a nice wee café called Cuppa on the high street for some hearty stovies.


I came across this cake called “Sair heids” which come from this area. Apparently they’re called this because they have a paper wrap around them that looks like a bandage around your head. They’re small sponge cakes with an icing top.


The Pittenweem Arts Festival starts this weekend, August 1-9th.

Tapa, Kilmacolm

Tapa, Kilmacolm

12 St James Terrace
Lochwinnoch Road
PA13 4HB

3 Sisters Bake

3 sisters, Quarrier's village

The bright and open space of 3 Sisters Bake.

3 Sisters Bake
Faith Avenue, Quarrier’s Village,
PA11 3SX