View of the Clyde

View of the Clyde

A small landscape in oils.

(20cm x 20cm)

Originals and Prints


I’ve added some new original watercolours and prints to my Etsy store. If there’s a print or original that’s not listed please let me know and I’ll update the shop and add the item. I can also do portraits, pet as well, if there is anything you have in mind I’m sure I’ll be able to help.

Monster Munch

Monster Munch

Wasps Studio Open Day

The Multi Coloured Ziggurat Cake

Studio mate Ross McAuley and illustrator Lesley Barnes made this impressive Multi Coloured Ziggurat Cake for studio open day.

This inside cake was also made up of different coloured squares in a neapolitan cake style – you had to be there.

Business cards

I ran out of business cards so made these during open day. It made a nice change from my regular moo cards and think I might keep doing these.

Open day drawing

Drawing opposite my studio space – this is Ross MacAuley’s painting area with his paintings on display.

If you made it along, it was great to see you!

Wasps Artists Studios, the Brigagit

KFC overlooking the cathouse

KFC overlooking the cathouse

St Mocha, Balmaha

St Mocha

With a recommendation from Lisa of Dear Green Coffee I visited St Mocha a nice wee café in Balmaha on the east shore of Loch Lomond. Its a beautiful place and well worth a visit, I had a stone baked pizza and you can tell they really care how they serve their coffee. Then took a scenic walk up Conic hill were you get an amazing view of the loch with its small islands, with the amiable company of some highland cows.


St Mocha,
The Oak Tree Inn,
Balmaha, Loch Lomond,

Open daily from 10am-6pm.

Stan’s Studio

stan's studio

Sarah Stanley at the counter

Exhibition space

Drawing in the café

Stan’s Studio is great new café/gallery run by Sarah Stanley over in Glasgow’s East End. It has a small gallery space and sell their own coffee blend “Get up Stan Up” made with Brasil Palmatal, Costa Rica Tarrazu and Ethipia Yirgacheffe. It primaraliy drip brew coffee and aeropress with a nice line in teas as well. I’d recommend Sarah’s homemade ginger beer and brownies too.

Stan’s Studio
43 Alexandra Park Street,
Glasgow – G31 2UB

Open Wed to Sat 10 – 5

Billy – The Jack Russell

Billy - The Jack Russell

I was asked to do a few dog portrait commissions – always happy to do them.

Strathclyde mounted police on a break

Strathclyde mounted police on a break

While I was drawing these guys, the boss came along to ask what I was up to. Turns out the gear the mounted police wear is really heavy and awkward so it was good just to sit down and relax before going on duty. As soon as it was clear I wasn’t taking the piss (her words) it was cool to continue drawing.

Floating Frames


I recently tried out float mounting a drawing. Its a different way of showing your drawing or watercolour as it emphasises the physical aspects of the actual paper. What you’re doing is creating a small platform under the paper that gives the illusion your drawing or painting is “floating” in mid air. I’ve used a page from my sketchbook with very neat edges to the paper. I think it looks amazing with good heavy watercolour paper with deckled edges.


Here is a side view which shows how all the seperate elements fit together. I’ve used a frame that’s already been made up. This only works if you choose a frame with a deep side.


I started with cutting out the individual pieces for the spacer that sits on the inside of the frame and also acts as a support for the glass. I’ve used foam board to bulk it out then mounting board (sees below)


Once you’ve measured and cut out all the parts for the spacers place the glass in the frame and glue them around the edge.


The next step is to create the “floating artwork”. Cut out a piece of foam board that is 1″ smaller all around than the artwork. Its a good idea to make sure sure the artwork is as flat as possible. I’ve put my artwork under some heavy books overnight to get rid of any watercolour buckles. Also with this piece i’ve further reinforced the paper as its quite light with some card. However if you’re using good quality heavy watercolour this shouldn’t be necessary. All you need to do now is glue your foam board to the mounting board that sits at the background.


Finally fix your artwork onto the foam board. Now all that is left to do is put it all together. Gently place your artwork/foam board contraption face down on top of the spacers. Then add a final backing board then seal it all up, I use tab staplers.